Tuesday, 30 October 2012

On The Workbench 1

I have made a start on building the rocky outcrop around the Coastal Gun Emplacement. So far so good. I am continuing with the theme of having the abandoned look on all the WWII fortifications. Got to let the plaster dry before anymore updates.

The back section is built up

I have just had a idea, in my research for Crisis Point 2 I have come across many photos taken from viewpoints, especially the photos that appear on Google Earth. With this in mind I thought I would model this as a viewpoint to take lovely photos of the sun setting over Bodo (as the Soviets land yet another MRD on at Bodo airport! lol). So eventually it will have a road round the bottom, a car park and a viewpoint on top. Maybe the old emplacement could be a radio station?

Rear view

More updates soon!


  1. You are aware they had active coastal defences as well? Mostly around the northern ports, up to 6" naval guns. Janes lists 75mm, 105mm, 120mm ERSTA, 127mm, 150mm coastal artillery in 1989.

    In 1987 they were replaced by new 120mm Bofors guns

  2. Yes i was Mark, do you have any idea on models to use to represent some of the naval artillery available i would like to include a battery or two.