Sunday, 27 January 2013

Coast III

Update on the coast sections I have been making for the Crisis Point 2 weekend in April. Now finished 14 sections so nearly there. I think I will just need to make one more section to link it to the southern table edge but until I have managed to lay it out in full I won't know.

I have been documenting the process on how I made these and will post them as soon as possible. Need to try and set up the whole layout just to check what I have left to do. Next up is rivers and roads, especially the E6.


  1. They look cracking! Arctic Strije is measuring up to be great looking :)

  2. Thanks, with Richard Crawley and Steve Graham responsible for the other two table I am really looking forward to seeing it all together and taking some excellent photos. The first Crisis Point looked great but I think this year we could have surpassed ourselves.


  3. Looking good, Richard! I'm working on something similar for the coast of Ofotfjord but I think I'll have them stop at the beach and use my blue bards as the sea surface.

    Richard C