Saturday, 2 March 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Hi Comrades,

I haven't posted for a while but I thought I would wait until I had started to get things finished. So here we go, a small selection of some of the WARPAC forces preparing for the invasion of Norway in April.

MAZ-537 Tank Transporters returning to collect another platoon of armour destined for the transport ships.

The column clogs the roads preparing for Arctic Strike

MAZ-537 column passes walled garden on the way to the depot

Column Commander keeps a close eye to make sure the trucks keep moving.

Electronic Warfare unit (Conversion using H&R Ural Office + added aerials)

Another EW unit, (Conversion using Scotia Ural Workshop + Scotia Skyguard AA FCR)

Another view of the EW unit

Engineer and Supply Column heads for the coast to embark on the sea journey to Bodo.

Both EW Units 

Fuel Trucks race to the port

Specialist engineering kit.

T62's with scratch built ammo trailers from an idea used in Afghanistan.

Another shot of the T62's with their ammo trailers.

Two conversions that I have done, at the front a GAZ66 Engineering Truck and at the rear a BTR-80 BREM Engineering Vehicle. Both of these are conversions and I am really pleased with the final result.

Close up of the GAZ66 Engineering Truck

Close up of the BTR-80 BREM Engineering Vehicle

Polish Airborne dug in to protect a vital road junction. Scratchbuilt positions using vinyl floor tiles, coffee stirrers and filler.

Another shot of the Polish Airborne.

AA S60 57mm.

The Poles ready to meet the NATO attack.

Polish A/T Guns

The Polish Airborne with their transport units prepare positions.

Lots more to come in the next few weeks in the run up to Crisis Point 2 - Arctic Strike.



  1. Absolutely fantastic. Those conversions are first rate.

  2. Some excellent work there. The game is going to look great with all the 'specials'. Cracking stuff!

  3. Very good looking stuff, I always like to see the 'specials' out!

    Good looking Polish and trenches too :)