Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More From The Workbench

Some more WARPAC forces assembling for April's Crisis Point 2 game. A point to note is in the first pictures you can see the old ISM (In Service Miniatures) BM-27 and Reload Vehicle both nice miniatures then later we get right up to date with some Czech RM-70 MRL from Shapeways. Here posing as some East German artillery.

A couple of LORI's

ISM (In Service Miniatures) BM-27's

A Battery of ISM BM-27's with reload vehicles

In Service Miniatures BM-27 Reload Vehicles

Shapeways RM-70 on Tatra

Another shot of the great ISM BM-27 model

Shapeways Czech RM-70

Recovery Unit

Engineers Column moves forward

Some NBC Vehicles

A couple of SNAR10 Radar vehicles

Another shot of the NBC Vehicles from H&R. The armoured acorn site shows these with tank units in 1984/1985

A couple of converted MTLB ambulances. I added the raised section at the rear of the vehicle.

Another shot of the MTLB ambulances

ASU-85 in support

ASU-85 company

A close up of the ASU-85 from H&R

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  1. Great work, love the MTLB conversions.